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A Dino Takeover: ANIMATION

Meet Fred Flintstone! The accident-prone head of the Flinstone clan.

Rocking up to his bedrock abode at a screeching halt, Fred has his sights set on the family lounge where the matriarch Wilma is ready to press play.

Peace and quiet don’t stick around for long at the Flinstone home when a loud “THUD” rings through the room.

Turning to each other, Fred and Wilma can’t tell if they’ve maxed out the TV volume or if the sound is reverberating through the streets. Alas, their question is answered when a scaly grey face takes a sneak peek through the living room window and scares the “yabba-dabba-do” out of them.

A chorus of laughter erupts from the TV screen as a dear DINO rips the roof of their home (so much for a safe haven).


Surely this dino has blown out an eardrum with that mighty sound? Not yet for old Fred here, his first instinct is to hurl straight to the floor – in plain sight…

Dino’s looking a little too hungry as he leans his giant jaw through the vacant roof and gobbles up Fred whole! If only Dino waited a few minutes for the news segment to come on TV showing his rather charming headshot next to “MISSING” in block letters for the Flinstones to see. Better luck next time Fred.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Dino makes his way down the Bedrock road before he gets tired of the living creature in his mouth. Fred gets spat out with a huge grin on his face (PHEW!) but didn’t bargain for the little surprise that jumped out after him. A teeny tiny version of our dear friend Dino emerges from his cracked shell. “Hello to a new little friend” Fred gasps.

What Fred doesn’t realise until a split second later was that Dino wasn’t out to have him for breakfast, no no. Dino was sent by the Old Man of Social Media to collect Fred for a very important meeting…

His debut in the Social Storytellers LEGO Land Window Display! Want to see Fred and his friends in action? Head on down and tap the screen so Fred can give you a big warm Dino-friendly hello!

Bring your kids past our Social Storytellers North Sydney LEGO Window for an up, close and personal look over at 349 Pacific Highway, North Sydney.

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