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Our Story

Tom and Linsey, partners in life and founders of Storytellers Australia, have always been drawn to the power of storytelling. As children, culture and storytelling were their means of connection and community; Tom loved Comic books and Lego while Linsey loved creativity and 80s Movies with a killer soundtrack.

Their early brushes with virality – Linsey’s TV party trick and Tom’s community-building efforts around the TV show Lost – affirmed their passion for creating engaging content. Realising everyone has a unique story to share, they built their business around the mission to spotlight idea sharing and positive narratives. Their journey from The Social Storytellers to Storytellers Australia signifies their commitment to helping Australian B2B build personal assets through compelling content and the vision to foster deeper community bonds for business by leveraging creativity

The Storytellers Australia Team

Our Values


Fostering positivity for authentic connections

Idea Sharing

Innovative to provide timely and relevant content


Content fit for purpose and growth of your business


Reframing corporate messages to connect with audiences

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