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Always Be Connecting Podcast

Special Video Series & Podcast

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Always be Connecting is a special series explores what it means to connect for your business across 5 key audiences: Prospects, Clients, Team, Industry and Community. We talk to business leaders across industries to talk about their own experiences of building connections and the importance of maintaining relationships for a successful career.

Latest Episodes

With Oscar Trimboli, author of "How To Listen" and Professor Nick Enfield, author of "Language vs. Reality" • We get into the nitty-gritty of how we communicate.
With Ollie Gordon and Marlee Bray from TradeConnex • We discuss their journey of connecting people with opportunities in the recruitment industry.
With Lachlan McDonald, General Manager at Kress Australia • We discuss the challenges and triumphs of launching a new brand in a competitive market.
With Berta Youakim, Director of Philanthropy & Engagement at The Funding Network Australia • Berta explains how storytelling can help engage donors and keep their support.
With Tom Ragg, Co-Founder at Storytellers Australia • We talk about how stories can come alive without using words.
With Julio Sanchez, Director at Loan Market Apex • We talk about the psychology of sales and trust in the loan industry.
With Graham Steele, Acclaimed Filmmaker • We talk about the intersections of creativity, meditation and storytelling.
With Amy Brown, Former CEO of Investment NSW ∙ We talk about overcoming adversity and finding redemption through difficult personal and professional challenges.
With Linda Wallace, Certified Holistic Somatic Life Coach • We discuss mindfulness coaching and its impact on personal and professional growth.
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