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A Very Merry Christmas Lego: ANIMATION

‘Twas the night before Christmas…

A lonesome snowboarder Sean noticed it was a little too dim without any Christmas cheer in his neighbourhood.

Never fear, he got to imagining the most magical Christmas tree in all the land with each tier shining as if stars had come to rest on every tree branch. With a swish of his snowboard, the presents too appeared! Each one is wrapped with ribbon and finds a new home in the pile of Christmas toys left by some very friendly LEGO elves.

Off to the next instalment! Sean hops back on his Christmas spirit route with a rooftop view of his festive home, straight past his room of wreaths and his little brother sleighing out the front door. Sean hits the landing pad of his tree house and his brother is waiting for him, keys in his ignition and ready to send Sean off to the next stop.

Eye spy out the corner of his eye? Santa Clause is planted at the front door of his workshop, Rudolph ready and waiting for his signal. How exciting to see the rest of the elves making all the girl’s and boys Christmas wishes come true with their last-minute toy testing. The elves have a little sneak peek in store, what do you think is going to be under Sean’s Christmas tree?

We’ve got sneakers and a play station, a life-size Kevin the Minion peering through a shipwreck in a bottle! He’s overjoyed to be sleighing past a TV screen with a Mario Bros game inside. It’s too exciting to bear and Sean brings us one final sprinkling of Christmas cheer! Every Christmas wreath has banded together to make the greatest Christmas wreath in all the land, ready to be the centrepiece for the new Social Storyteller Christmas Display!

A culmination of lots of small projects throughout, let’s get our dear friends to turn on the Christmas lights and share in our festive cheer!

Bring your kids past our Social Storytellers North Sydney LEGO Window for an up, close and personal look over at 349 Pacific Highway, North Sydney.

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