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12th March 2024

Adding humour into content creation with Emma Sharp

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The Synopsis

In content creation, humour is a golden key to unlocking deeper engagement and memorability. Emma Sharp, General Manager of Stupid Old Studios brings her expertise to the forefront in discussing how humour can transform content.

The Importance of Humour in Content Creation

Humour does more than just make people laugh. It bridges gaps between the creator and the audience, making content relatable and digestible. When used effectively, humour can turn even the most mundane topic into an engaging piece of content.

Key Strategies for Adding Humour into Content Creation

Emma Sharp shares several strategies for integrating humour into content creation:

  • Understanding Your Audience: Tailor your humour to the interests and sensibilities of your audience for maximum impact.
  • Authenticity is Key: Genuine humour resonates more deeply than forced jokes. Stay true to your voice.
  • Keep It Simple: Sometimes, a simple pun or playful word choice is all it takes to add a humourous touch.

Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Injecting humour into content creation isn’t without its challenges. Here’s how to navigate potential pitfalls:

  • Offensive Humour: Always consider the potential for misunderstanding and ensure your humour is inclusive and respectful.
  • Forcing Humour: Don’t overdo it. Forced humour can detract from your message rather than enhancing it.

Making Humour Work for You

Start with small steps. Experiment with light, relatable humour that complements your content’s tone. Collaborations with humourists or comedians can also bring new dimensions to your content, infusing it with authentic and impactful humour.


Humour in content creation is a powerful tool for making your work stand out. According to Emma Sharp, it’s about striking the right balance between entertainment and message delivery. By following these insights, content creators can harness the power of humour to create more engaging, memorable, and effective content.

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