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Rising above Automation with Storytelling

As someone neck deep in automating processes, I sense an atmosphere around people’s working lives that has a shared deflation. A few months ago, the rise of AI and automation made us worry for our livelihoods; As reality starts to materialise, a different type of redundancy seems to be on the horizon – job satisfaction.

At Storytellers Australia we prioritise delight, creativity, and storytelling, so we feel a personal responsibility to address this shortcoming. It is not only the part of work that is going to make you rise above the automated online world, but also the part of the work that will bring you joy so you can go home to your family in a good mood.

Don’t get me wrong, at times we all must plug into the matrix to get jobs done – that’s why people pay us the big bucks! A well-oiled machine brings efficiency and cost leadership which is essential in economic downturns.  But finding moments for creative play is going to make us better and happier workers.  So here are some recommendations to fire up the creative electrons in our brains:

Cultivate a Playful Environment:

One way to reignite creativity and fun in your team is by creating a playful work environment. Encourage brainstorming sessions that allow for unconventional ideas and wild concepts to flourish. By fostering a non-judgmental space where everyone feels free to express their creativity without fear of criticism, you’ll tap into the collective imagination of your team.  The rule in improv is to say “Yes, and”;  Walt Disney used to put a jar in the middle of the table for brainstorming sessions and anyone who shut down another idea would need to put money in the jar for post-meeting pizza.  There are no bad ideas, just ideas that need a little bit of work to be brought to life.

Investigate People Stories:

Everyone has a story and an untold story is as tragic as a life unloved.  Take your magnifying glass and spotlight out and find the stories waiting to be told in your team of legends.  Sharing these stories as a business may not get you a sale, but it will give you engagement.  Let the sales team work on finding the right people to do business with and prioritise marketing efforts in bringing people around the fire.

Gamify the Creative Process:

Injecting an element of gamification into your processes can make it more enjoyable and inspiring. Create challenges, set achievable goals, and reward creative accomplishments. Consider organising friendly competitions or team-building activities centred around storytelling and creativity. This approach will not only encourage collaboration but also help team members bond over shared experiences.

Embrace Diverse Perspectives:

Ensure that your team is composed of individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and fields of expertise. A diverse team widens the potential for ideas and fosters an atmosphere where perspectives are enlightened and creativity flourishes.

Explore Passion Projects:

Encourage team members to pursue passion projects alongside their regular tasks. Allowing space for personal projects can reignite the spark of creativity and innovation. These side ventures enable employees to explore their unique interests, leading to critical R&D that can be channelled back into the main projects.

Fostering an environment where creativity thrives will not only lead to happier employees but also drive innovation, elevate marketing efforts, and ultimately result in outstanding content that resonates deeply with the audience. Let us embrace fun and storytelling wholeheartedly and remind ourselves that life is made for good times.

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