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Social Media as a Supporting Tool in B2B Sales

Forget Sales, Focus on Community:

Instead of treating social media for B2B solely as a sales channel, imagine it as a garden allotment. Here, you carefully cultivate a community of brand supporters who will ultimately become valuable advocates. While social media can certainly play a role in direct sales conversions, chasing immediate outcomes often leads to disappointment. Instead, shift your focus on building relationships and nurturing trust.

The Attention Challenge & Validation Quest:

The digital landscape demands quick engagement and instant gratification. In this context, social media acts as a critical touchpoint where leads look for validation. They seek social proof and reassurance through peer experiences. Consider your channels an open forum where they can ask questions, share concerns, and receive prompt responses. By fostering genuine connections and creating a space for open dialogue, you build trust and position yourself as a reliable partner, not just another faceless entity trying to sell something.

Authentic Engagement is Key:

In a world saturated with self-promotional noise, genuine content that aligns with your brand’s core values cuts through the clutter. Move beyond traditional, sales-centric messaging and focus on building relationships and brand credibility through consistent and meaningful interactions. Share valuable insights, actively participate in industry discussions, and respond promptly to comments and questions. Remember, you’re not just pushing products or services; you’re building long-term connections with potential customers who value authenticity and transparency.

Humanise Your Brand:

Don’t let your B2B presence feel robotic or impersonal. Showcase your company culture and values on social media to humanise your brand and connect with supporters on a deeper level. Weave stories of your team, their achievements, and what they’re passionate about. These glimpses into your company’s heart and soul create a narrative that resonates beyond transactions. Encourage employee advocacy as well, empowering your team to share their experiences and perspectives, adding further dimension and credibility to your brand voice.

Leading Examples:

Let’s explore how some industry leaders leverage social media beyond direct sales:

  • HubSpot: This inbound marketing pioneer leverages social media to its fullest. They share valuable content and educational resources, strategically engaging their supporters with insightful material that helps potential clients understand and address their business challenges. This approach not only positions HubSpot as a thought leader but also empowers potential customers by equipping them with the necessary knowledge.
  • IBM: Instead of solely pushing products, IBM utilizes social media to showcase its innovations, research developments, and company culture. By sharing stories about their employees and insights into emerging technologies, IBM builds a brand narrative that resonates deeply with its supporters. This strategy cultivates long-lasting relationships and credibility, supporting potential clients in seeing the broader impact and value of IBM’s offerings.
  • Salesforce: Renowned for its customer relationship management solutions, Salesforce leverages social media to actively engage with its community. They share success stories, offer industry insights, and focus on creating a thriving community among users and potential clients. This supportive environment offers knowledge and fosters trust, aiding in the decision-making process. Salesforce’s approach demonstrates the power of social media in building and sustaining meaningful relationships with their supporters.

Beyond Direct Sales:

Remember, social media for B2B is multifaceted and extends far beyond immediate sales conversions. It’s about building a supportive environment where genuine connections thrive. Focusing on authentic engagement, knowledge sharing, and showcasing your company culture creates a supportive ecosystem that not only aids in decision-making but also fosters long-term relationships and brand loyalty. Build your community of supporters on social media first, nurture and engage with them consistently, and then let the sales naturally follow. By offering value, building trust, and positioning yourself as a reliable partner, you’ll be well on your way to turning your social media presence into a thriving community of loyal advocates.

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