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The Best Guide on How To Start A Podcast

In recent years the podcast format has evolved to a multifunctional marketing activity for key figures, businesses and hobbyists.  Let’s explore how to start a podcast.

There are 3 key benefits to idea sharing on a topic:

  1. You get to network: Networking can be daunting but by using the structure of a podcast, it is easier to talk to people in your field.  With each guest, you have the chance to look for business opportunities, partnerships, collaborations and referrals.
  1. You find a community: If you want to explore certain topics, the likelihood is someone else is interested in the same.  You can be strategic or investigative – you can have nice things, what do you want to gain from the experience? What will others learn from your journey?
  1. You have easy content: Especially true if you video your podcast; you can gain multiple videos, audio files, images and articles from one recording.  Use this arsenal to improve SEO, add to your marketing funnel or just plain old engage your audience with creative and original content.  


Step 1: Develop A Podcast Plan

Let’s kick things off with a solid plan of how to start a podcast! Imagine building a house without a blueprint – not the best idea, right? That’s why planning your podcast is key. Identify what you’re passionate about and who you want to share it with. By defining your niche, understanding your audience, and setting clear goals, you create a roadmap that guides your podcasting journey.

  • Define Your Niche
  • Understand who will be listening – who, how, where, why, when?
  • What do you want to achieve?

Step 2: Choose Your Podcast Structure and Format

Now, let’s get creative with your podcast format! Will you be the solo star, bring guests for interviews, or host panel discussions? Each format offers a unique experience and suits different types of content. This decision shapes how you connect with your audience. Think about what excites you and what will best convey your message. Your choice here sets the tone for a consistent and engaging listening experience, keeping your audience hooked and eager for more.

  • How often will you release the podcast?
  • What production value can you add? Will you have pre recorded sections or music?
  • Do you have a special question for everyone or a repeated section of the podcast?
  • Can you structure your podcast with a countdown or interactive element?

Step 3: Set Up Your Podcast Equipment

Time to gear up for quality sound – it’s a big deal in podcasting! A great microphone is the first step to ensure your voice is heard loud and clear. Then, invest in a decent pair of headphones to monitor sound levels in your recording. These tools are the building blocks of a professional-sounding podcast, giving you the confidence to create and share your content with the world.

If you don’t want to buy your own equipment, you can always hire a studio and a technical team. 

Step 4: Present and Record Your First Episode

It’s time for the spotlight – recording your first episode! This is where your ideas and plans come to life. Crafting a compelling script with key questions and moments is your first step; it’s your guide to keep the episode structured yet natural. We’ll share tips on how to deliver your content in an engaging way, and discuss recording techniques that capture the essence of your message. 

Step 5: Edit Your Podcast Episode

Post-recording, the editing process is where you polish and perfect your episode. Here, you’ll learn to trim excess bits, enhance your audio, and create smooth transitions. Editing is an art, and with a few tips and tricks, you’ll turn your raw recording into a polished, professional-sounding episode. This stage is crucial in ensuring your podcast is enjoyable and maintains high audio standards.  

Step 6: Create Brand Artwork For Your Podcast Cover

Your podcast cover is your virtual handshake with potential listeners. It’s the first thing they see, so it needs to make a great impression. We’ll dive into the art of creating a podcast cover that stands out. A blend of good branding, appealing colour schemes, and visual storytelling can make your podcast pop in any directory. Let’s create artwork that not only catches the eye but also encapsulates the essence of your podcast.

Our designer can help if you are not satisfied with your Canva skills.

Step 7: Publish Your Podcast Or Set-up Your Podcast Hosting

Now, let’s get your podcast out into the world! We’ll walk you through the steps of choosing a hosting platform that suits your needs, uploading your content, and generating your RSS feed. This feed is like your podcast’s passport; it gets you into the world of podcast directories including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. We’ll ensure that you’re all set for a smooth launch, making your podcast available to listeners everywhere.

Step 8: Launch and Grow Your Podcast Show

Congratulations, your podcast is live! But the journey doesn’t end here. It’s time to grow your show and build a devoted audience. We’ll explore effective promotion strategies, the power of social media, the benefits of collaboration, and the importance of a consistent release schedule. You can turn 1 video podcast into social clips, articles, transcripts and quote graphics.  These tactics are key to expanding your reach and establishing a strong presence in the podcasting community. Let’s turn your podcast into a thriving platform that connects and grows with its audience.

Ready to Create Your First Podcast? 

Now you know how to start a podcast, record your podcast with Storytellers Australia

You’re all set with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to start your podcasting adventure. It’s time to step into the world of podcasting and share your unique voice. Why not kickstart this exciting journey with us at Storytellers Australia? We’re here to help you turn your podcasting dreams into reality. 

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