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08th February 2024

Cultivating a sense of mattering with Karen Stein

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The Synopsis

In this episode, we hosted Karen Stein, an esteemed leadership coach and award-winning author, who shared her transformative journey and insights into fostering women’s leadership and a profound sense of mattering in the corporate world.

From Finance to Advocacy

Initially, Karen’s career began in finance, where she excelled as a tax partner. A shift occurred when she pursued a Masters of Science in Coaching Psychology, marking the start of her dedication to women’s leadership—a passion ignited by her experiences in a male-dominated professional environment.

Breaking Barriers for Women in Leadership

Karen’s efforts have focused on identifying and dismantling the barriers women face in corporate advancement. At Deloitte, she initiated a program supporting senior women, aiming for sustainable leadership roles and a positive organisational impact.

The Role of Emotional Intelligence

Karen highlights the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership. She believes women’s natural inclination towards empathy and emotional awareness gives them an edge in leadership positions, promoting a more inclusive and effective leadership style.

Democratising Access to Coaching

Moreover, her book “Be Your Own Leadership Coach“, Karen seeks to make coaching accessible to all, particularly women navigating their careers. The book offers self-coaching strategies, emphasising self-awareness and reflective practice in leadership.

The Need for Diverse Leadership

Karen stresses that diversity in leadership not only promotes innovation and collaboration but also enhances profitability. The absence of women in senior roles limits organizational potential and the ability to address complex challenges.

Mattering Over Belonging

Finally, a significant aspect of Karen’s philosophy is the concept of ‘mattering’—the idea that individuals must feel valued and significant, beyond just fitting in. This approach encourages environments where women’s contributions are actively valued and utilised.


Karen Stein’s episode is a powerful call to action for inclusive and equitable leadership, highlighting the untapped potential of women in leadership roles. Her message underscores the importance of fostering a sense of mattering that can propel organisations to greater heights.

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