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19th February 2024

Engaging multiple stakeholders with Colin Allen

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In our latest podcast episode of “Always Be Connecting,” we talk with Colin Allen, General Manager of Philanthropy of Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation. This episode discusses how important it is to build strong relationships with stakeholders when you’re working to support children’s healthcare.

At the heart of Colin’s work is his strong belief in listening and caring. He says his main strength is “listening enough so people feel like we care about what they care about.” This approach is important in a field where people freely give their support based on their connection to the cause. 

Colin is all about focusing on one main goal: making sure kids are healthy, no matter what. This goal guides everything SCHF does, from planning to working with people who want to help. This clear focus helps attract and keep support from a wide range of people who want to make a difference in children’s healthcare.

Colin brings a unique viewpoint from his time working in sports to his role in the nonprofit world. He talks about how building trust in sports is similar to connecting with donors in healthcare. His experience shows that good relationship skills are key in any area, especially in charity work where trust and personal connections are crucial.

A big moment in this episode was about SCHF’s successful event that raised $19.2 million for a new care center. This story is a perfect example of what can happen when stakeholders come together to support a cause. It shows how understanding what people can offer and bringing them together can lead to amazing results.

We also talked about how SCHF thanks and keeps in touch with its stakeholders. Whether it’s through thank-you letters or special events, they make a point of showing gratitude. This approach helps make sure everyone who helps feels important and appreciated. By being clear about how donations make a difference, the Foundation keeps its relationships strong.

Colin ends by inviting everyone to get involved with the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation in any way they can. Whether it’s giving time, money or support, there’s a place for everyone to help. It’s a reminder that creating meaningful connections is at the heart of making a big difference, a lesson that’s important for all of us.

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