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Always Be Connecting Podcast
26th February 2024

Enriching event experiences with Imogen Jones and Sanam Rodrigues

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The Synopsis

Event planning transcends merely filling a room; it’s about crafting an atmosphere ripe for connection, innovation and inspiration. Imogen Jones and Sanam Rodrigues, Conference Producers at Terrapinn, a global events company, epitomise the blend of content and value, transforming each event into a hub of meaningful interactions.

Diverse Backgrounds, Unified Mission

Imogen and Sanam’s journey into the event industry stems from vastly different origins, yet converges on a shared goal: to orchestrate events that resonate. Imogen, initially distant from the tech scene, found her niche in tech events, focusing on digital transformation and corporate trade shows. Conversely, Sanam navigated from internal auditing and HR to B2B event production, with a keen focus on clean energy and solar power.

Core Strategies for Connection

At their core, Imogen and Sanam prioritize building connections, understanding that the essence of event planning is fostering human interaction. Despite their different approaches, their objective is unanimous: to cultivate spaces where meaningful connections flourish.

Imogen’s Approach: The 3 Rs

  • Real, Radical, and Relatable Content: Imogen emphasises authenticity and innovation to captivate and maintain audience engagement.
  • Industry Engagement: She commits to attending as many industry events as possible, keeping abreast of trends and establishing a network.

Sanam’s Perspective

  • Persistence and Listening: With an HR background, Sanam values deep understanding of speakers and attendees, ensuring each event caters to their interests.

Navigating Modern Event Landscapes

Imogen and Sanam adeptly adapt to the evolving event industry, recognising the unique value events offer in the digital age. They’ve embraced virtual platforms and hybrid models in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining audience engagement through innovative means.

Adapting to Change

Despite the shift towards digital and hybrid events, the duo’s mission persists: to forge industry connections through impactful events. They continuously explore new themes and technologies, ensuring their events remain relevant and engaging.


Imogen Jones and Sanam Rodrigues exemplify the essence of successful event planning: a steadfast commitment to connection. Their diverse approaches and shared mission highlight the importance of audience understanding, authenticity, and the perpetual quest for value. As the event industry evolves, figures like Imogen and Sanam will continue to pave the way, creating experiences that not only inform and entertain but also inspire and connect.

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