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24th June 2024

Disrupting the market with Lachlan McDonald

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The Synopsis

Lachlan McDonald from Kress Australia shares his journey of launching a new, sustainable brand in the outdoor power equipment market. Kress is quickly gaining traction, offering a compelling alternative to traditional petrol-powered tools. This episode focuses on building relationships, adaptability, and the importance of sustainability.

Building Trust and Relationships

Lachlan emphasises the critical role of trust and strong relationships in Kress Australia’s success. He explains how the company has established a network of nearly 100 dealers across Australia. This dealer network is essential for market penetration and providing the necessary support to commercial landscapers. Trust-building with both dealers and customers is a cornerstone of their strategy, ensuring ongoing support and training for all stakeholders.

Adaptability and Responsiveness to Market Needs

Kress Australia’s approach involves being highly responsive to market needs and feedback. Lachlan stresses the necessity of being proactive in engaging with stakeholders and adjusting strategies as required. Flexibility in their market approach and continuous engagement with stakeholders are key to their success. They believe in proactive support and training to meet the evolving demands of their customers.

Core Values of a Sustainable Brand

Kress Australia stands out with its commitment to sustainability. Lachlan explains that their products are a sustainable alternative to petrol-powered tools, aligning with global trends towards electrification and eco-friendly solutions. This focus on sustainability not only differentiates the brand but also appeals to environmentally conscious customers. Being a sustainable brand, Kress products offer ethical and environmental benefits, making them a preferred choice for many.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is another essential aspect of Kress Australia’s strategy. Lachlan highlights the importance of listening to stakeholders and understanding their needs. This approach helps in tailoring their offerings to meet market demands and building stronger relationships. By focusing on what their stakeholders are saying, Kress Australia ensures that they can adapt and provide solutions that resonate well with their market.

Engaging Stakeholders

Engaging stakeholders at every level is crucial for Kress Australia. Lachlan discusses various methods of engagement, including events, trade shows, and direct interactions. This multifaceted approach helps in demonstrating the value proposition of their products and gaining trust. Direct interactions, in particular, allow for immediate feedback and stronger relationships with dealers and customers alike.

The Road Ahead

Looking forward, Lachlan is optimistic about the future. He believes that the upcoming season will bring exciting opportunities for Kress Australia. The company plans to continue its focus on engaging stakeholders, adapting strategies, and promoting their sustainable brand Lachlan is confident that their proactive and adaptable approach will lead to continued success and growth in the market.


Lachlan MacDonald provides valuable insights into the launch and growth of Kress Australia. His emphasis on building trust, adaptability, sustainability, effective communication, and stakeholder engagement offers a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in sustainable innovation and market disruption.

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