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Always Be Connecting Podcast
27th June 2024

Matching people with opportunities with Ollie Gordon and Marlee Bray

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The Synopsis

In this episode, we chat with Ollie Gordon and Marlee Bray from TradeConnex. They discuss the key principle that drives their success: connecting people with opportunities. Ollie and Marlee share their experiences, challenges, and the importance of relationships in recruitment.

The Journey of TradeConnex

From Carpenter to Recruitment Expert

Ollie Gordon, Managing Director of TradeConnex, started his career as a carpenter. After a year in recruitment, he realised his talent for making connections and decided to set up TradeConnex. Since its inception nearly eight years ago, the company has grown by focusing on connecting people with opportunities.

Building Genuine Connections

Trust in Recruitment

Genuine relationships and trust are crucial in recruitment. Ollie and Marlee stress that recruitment is about understanding people’s stories and aligning them with suitable opportunities. They believe in creating lasting connections that ensure both clients and candidates are satisfied.

Adapting to Challenges

During the COVID-19 pandemic, TradeConnex faced significant challenges, especially when construction sites in Sydney shut down. Marlee shares how they adapted by focusing on other regions like Queensland, ensuring continuous support for their clients and candidates.

The Human Element in Recruitment

Matching Skills and Personalities

Ollie and Marlee highlight the importance of matching not just skills but also personalities. Understanding the cultural fit and long-term commitment of candidates is crucial for successful placements. This approach ensures that both clients and candidates find value in their professional relationships.

Commitment to Community

TradeConnex also focuses on making a positive impact on local communities. Ollie shares examples of their workers integrating into local areas, participating in community activities, and supporting local businesses. This commitment fosters goodwill and enhances the recruitment experience.

Practical Tips for Job Seekers and Employers

Advice for Job Seekers

Ollie advises job seekers to build strong relationships with recruiters and be clear about their career goals. He emphasises the importance of patience and persistence in finding the right opportunity. Seeking feedback from recruiters can help candidates improve their chances.

Employer Best Practices

For employers, Marlee highlights the importance of treating employees well and creating a supportive work environment. Providing opportunities for growth and recognising employees’ contributions can significantly enhance retention and job satisfaction.

The Future of Recruitment

Evolving with Technology

The recruitment industry is continually evolving with advancements in technology. While tools like AI can streamline processes, Ollie and Marlee stress that the human connection remains irreplaceable. Building strong, trust-based relationships will always be at the core of effective recruitment.

Sustaining Long-Term Success

TradeConnex aims to continue connecting people with opportunities by maintaining their focus on relationships and community impact. As they grow, they plan to leverage technology to enhance their services while preserving the personal touch that sets them apart.


In this enlightening episode of “Always Be Connecting,” Ollie Gordon and Marlee Bray from TradeConnex offer valuable insights into the recruitment industry. Their emphasis on genuine connections, adaptability, and community impact provides a roadmap for both job seekers and employers. By focusing on these core values, TradeConnex continues to successfully connect people with opportunities, driving their mission forward.

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