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Always Be Connecting Podcast
21st December 2023

Introduction to Always Be Connecting Podcast

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The Synopsis

Our host of Always Be Connecting, Linsey Houston, is the founder and General Manager of Storytellers Australia. In 2024 she aims to connect with leading entrepreneurs, academics and thought leaders on the topic of connection. This is for anyone in business looking to increase their value and contribute to the wider business network by improving their communication and collaboration skills.

Building Meaningful Connections

At the heart of all of our work, is providing value to people. Hopefully no-one is working for an AI overlord yet, we are here to improve lives and make an impact. While we are working to achieve this, it is critical to work with others and for others. Here are 5 key groups of people to Always Be Connecting with:

  • Prospects: What opportunities are there?
  • Clients: Who do we work for?
  • Team: Who do we work with?
  • Community: How are we making an impact on the community?
  • Industry: How do we work together for common causes?

Improving Communication

We all encounter relationships that are more difficult than others. How do we approach these relationships with consideration to both parties, that ultimately create an environment where both can thrive? In the next year of Always Be Connecting, we will deep dive into:

  • Emotional Intelligence: Do we have awareness of ourselves and others?
  • Listening: Can we hear what is being said?
  • Linguistics: Are we choosing our words carefully?
  • Social and Economic Power Dynamics: Who has the power in the connection and how do we approach power dynamics?
  • DEI and Biases: What assumptions do we make and do we present ourselves authentically?

A Discovery of Ourselves

The end goal is to complete the year with a fresh perspective to become a better member of the community who is worthy and valuable due to our ability to make connections.

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