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02nd January 2024

Building an abundance mindset with Aaron Christie-David

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The Synopsis

Aaron Christie-David, founder of Atelier Wealth, brings a new perspective in fostering an abundance mindset. This episode of the Always Be Connecting podcast talks about how building relationships with stakeholders is important for achieving success.

Embracing Deep Connections

Aaron Christie-David’s journey in expanding his business over seven years is a testament to the power of meaningful connections.

  • Going Beyond Small Talk: Aaron emphasises the importance of understanding the stories of those around us, advocating for genuine interactions.
  • Strengthening Bonds: By engaging in meaningful conversations, he believes we can gain insights that contribute to growth.

Choosing Collaboration Over Competition

A central theme in Aaron’s philosophy is the preference for collaboration over competition. He argues that working together can lift the entire sector.

  • Shared Growth: By exchanging experiences, professionals can collectively enhance their credibility within their fields.
  • Viewing Competitors as Collaborators: Aaron’s approach encourages viewing competitors as potential partners in advancing the industry’s overall growth.

Advocating for Diversity and Inclusion

The importance of diversity and inclusion in the mortgage broking industry is another critical point Christie-David addresses, stressing that the industry must reflect the diversity of its clientele to serve them effectively.

  • Reflecting Diversity: Advocating for a broader representation across backgrounds, he underscores the need for an inclusive industry capable of meeting the diverse needs of the Australian population.

The Significance of Effective Communication

Finally, At the heart of Aaron’s success lies his commitment to valuing open-ended questions and the power of phone conversations in building lasting business relationships.

  • Learning from Personal Influences: Crediting his mother for his communication skills, Aaron highlights the importance of engaging with others to understand their perspectives.
  • The Power of Phone Conversations: In the digital age, he advocates for the value of phone calls in establishing deeper connections.


To summarise, this episode offers insights into achieving business success through an abundance mindset. By adopting these principles, businesses can transcend traditional metrics of success, fostering a more connected business environment.

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