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08th January 2024

Investing in your reputation with Nicole Reaney

Nicole Reaney

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The Synopsis

Nicole Reaney, a renowned PR expert and CEO of Inside Out PR in Australia, brings two decades of experience to the forefront, discussing the role of reputation in public relations. Her appearances on platforms like the Daily Telegraph and the Today Show underline her expertise in the field.

Building Meaningful Connections

Reaney emphasises the significance of cultivating relationships across various groups such as prospects, clients, team members and industry peers.

  • Investing in Reputation: Focusing on reputation and networking is crucial for effective communication and relationship-building.
  • Evolving Networking Practices: Nicole observes the shift from traditional, face-to-face networking to the digital ease provided by platforms like LinkedIn.

The Balance of Networking

Highlighting the importance of combining online and in-person networking, Reaney suggests that while digital platforms offer convenience, face-to-face interactions foster deeper understanding.

  • Personal Touch in Networking: A blend of digital and personal interactions is recommended for a comprehensive networking strategy.

Lessons from the Past

Reflecting on her school days, Nicole shares how early experiences shaped her networking and relationship-building approach in her professional life, stressing the value of hard work and strong friendships.

Managing Client Relationships

In dealing with clients, Nicole underscores the importance of personal interactions, digital communication, and participating in industry events to manage a client’s public image effectively.

  • PR’s Role During Crises: Handling negative media attention and difficult times is a critical aspect of PR work, requiring a delicate and strategic approach.

The Influence of Social Media

The conversation also ventures into the growing impact of social media and influencers in PR, with Nicole explaining the selection process and the alignment of influencers with business values.

  • Data-Driven Campaigns: Utilising data to gauge the success of PR campaigns is essential in today’s digital landscape.

Adapting and Overcoming in PR

Moreover, Nicole touches on the necessity of resilience and flexibility in PR, viewing challenges as opportunities to learn and improve.


Nicole Reaney’s extensive knowledge and practical advice offer invaluable insights for anyone aspiring to make a mark in public relations. Her emphasis on genuine connections highlights the essentials for building and maintaining a strong reputation in the industry.

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