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27th March 2024

Leading a big franchise community with Sonia Shwabsky

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The Synopsis

In this episode, we sit down with Sonia Shwabsky, CEO of Kwik Kopy, about leading a successful franchise network. The conversation sheds light on franchising, the importance of good relationships, community and getting better all the time.

Getting to Know The Franchise World

Franchising lets entrepreneurs run their businesses with the backing of an established brand. Sonia Shwabsky’s journey from marketing to entrepreneur to CEO of Kwik Kopy offers a look into the franchise world. She talks about the need to understand franchising, including its ups and downs.

Key Points:

  • Moving from working on your own to leading within a franchise means being able to change and really get the business model and industry.
  • Doing well in franchising means helping each stakeholder succeed.

Making Strong Connections

The talk highlights how crucial it is to have strong, lasting relationships in the franchise community. Sonia points out that the power of this network comes from its ability to make real connections.

How to Succeed:

  1. Empowerment: Giving entrepreneurs the tools and freedom to thrive.
  2. Support: Offering strong support that encourages working together and coming up with new ideas.
  3. Communication: Keeping communication open to tackle problems and celebrate wins together.

Using Community and Technology

With business changing fast today, using community and technology is key. Sonia explains how the business model has kept up with digital changes, balancing traditional face-to-face talks with the benefits of online communication.

Technology’s Role in Franchising:

  • Making operations more efficient and encouraging new ideas in the business.
  • Helping franchise owners communicate and train better.

Always Learning and Changing

The episode ends with a focus on always learning and changing. Sonia shares how working with a diverse group of franchise owners has made Kwik Kopy’s model stronger and created a culture of learning and growing together.


To lead a successful franchise network, you need more than business skills; it’s about a real effort to build relationships, understand franchising’s specific challenges and keep adapting to meet the needs of franchise owners and customers.

Produced by Storytellers Australia.

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