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09th April 2024

Finding community from a cycling club with Malin Gaertig

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The Synopsis

In the latest episode of Always Be Connecting, we caught up with Malin Gaertig, Head of Marketing of Dog Friendly Co. as she shared her experiences, showing us that cycling clubs are more than just about biking—they’re about friendship, growth and overcoming challenges together.

How Her Cycling Club Journey It All Started

Malin’s love for cycling began early in Germany and grew when she moved and got her first real road bike. After years of riding solo, she sought a sense of belonging post-COVID. This move turned cycling from a solo activity into a daily social gathering.

Leadership and Communication

As a ride leader, Malin is in charge of planning and leading group rides. She makes sure everyone stays safe and knows how to signal and communicate on the road. It’s all about keeping the group tight and informed, especially on busy streets.

Lessons Learned from Joining a Cycling Club

Riding in a group taught Malin a lot about speaking up and taking charge when needed. She learned to deal with different personalities and to keep the group’s safety a priority, even if it meant calling out unsafe behaviours.

The Power of Community

What surprised Malin the most was how close she got to her cycling buddies. Riding together almost every day turns acquaintances into close friends. They share life’s ups and downs, supporting each other through thick and thin.

More Than Just Riding

Beyond the physical benefits, being part of the cycling club has improved Malin’s life in many ways. She’s become better at communicating and handling responsibilities, which has helped her in her personal and professional life.

Why Organised Fun Works

The structure of the cycling club activities—like planned rides and assigned roles—makes it easier for members to connect on a deeper level. This organised approach to fun helps build a strong and supportive community.

Getting into Cycling

For anyone interested in cycling, Malin’s advice is simple: start with an affordable bike and join a club. It’s a great way to get into the sport and find a community. Clubs welcome riders of all levels, offering different groups based on pace and experience.


Malin’s story highlights the unique blend of benefits that cycling clubs offer. It’s not just about getting fit; it’s about making friends, growing personally, and finding a supportive community. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to the sport, there’s a place for you in the cycling world.

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