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15th May 2024

Prioritising physical and mental well-being with Linda Wallace

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The Synopsis

This episode explores the essence of human connections within business and beyond. We had the pleasure of hosting Linda Wallace, a seasoned business coach specialising in mindfulness and mastery, to discuss physical and mental well-being in achieving personal and professional fulfilment.

Linda’s Journey to Mindfulness

Linda shared her journey from a career in marketing and advertising to discovering her passion in mindfulness coaching. After 15 years of climbing the corporate ladder, Linda found herself lacking fulfilment, despite her successes. This led her to engage a life coach, which profoundly transformed her perspective.

Mind-Body Connection Explained

Linda emphasises the significant impact of mind-body interconnection, a concept central to her coaching. She explains that about 90% of our daily decisions are made on autopilot. By fostering awareness of these unconscious processes, individuals can align their actions with their true desires rather than reacting to expectations.

The Shift to Impactful Coaching

Transitioning from marketing to coaching, Linda discovered her true calling was not in crafting marketing strategies but in making an impact on people’s lives. Her coaching focuses on developing leadership skills and emotional intelligence through mindfulness, helping clients achieve a greater sense of purpose.

One-to-One Coaching: Mindfulness and Mastery

Moreover, Linda offers a tailored three-month coaching program where she works closely with clients to guide them toward a more fulfilling life and achieve mental well-being. The program includes weekly sessions enabling clients to integrate their learnings into daily life effectively.

The Role of Mindfulness in Mental Well-being

Lastly, Linda reiterated the importance of mindfulness in enhancing mental well-being. She highlighted how mindfulness practices could help individuals break free from the autopilot mode of living, allowing them to make more informed decisions that reflect their true values.


Linda Wallace’s insights underline the power of mindfulness in boosting physical and mental well-being. By applying the principles of mind-body connectivity, individuals can navigate their lives with greater clarity and purpose, leading to enhanced fulfilment and impact. This episode serves as a reminder of the profound benefits that mindfulness can bring to our lives.

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