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20th May 2024

Reframing adversity with Amy Brown

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The Synopsis

In this episode, Amy Brown, former Secretary of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment and former CEO of Investment NSW, shares her journey of navigating professional adversity. Having built a successful career, Amy found herself in the public eye when her reputation was called into question. This episode provides valuable insights for those who’ve experienced job loss or client loss and felt unable to defend their name.

Amy Brown’s Career Journey

Amy Brown has had a distinguished career, leading significant teams and initiatives. Her roles involved spearheading projects that made New South Wales a desirable place for business, representing the public sector in forming partnerships with the private sector and creating opportunities for the community.

Values and Leadership

Amy’s identity as a Christian, a mother, and a senior executive leader is deeply intertwined with her values of courage, empathy, and self-discipline. Despite facing professional adversity, Amy has remained steadfast in her principles, demonstrating how integrity and resilience are essential when confronting challenges.

Navigating Public Scrutiny

When adversity struck, Amy was thrust into the spotlight, facing a parliamentary inquiry and intense media scrutiny. She shares how she dealt with the sudden onslaught of public attention and maintained her composure under pressure. Her experience underscores the importance of having a support system and the courage to stand by one’s values, even when it means contradicting powerful entities.

The Role of Faith and Community in Overcoming Adversity

Amy’s Christian faith played a crucial role in helping her navigate adversity. Her faith and her community provided a foundation of support, reminding her of the bigger purpose beyond her professional identity. Amy’s story illustrates how faith and community can offer strength and perspective during difficult times.

Building Trust and Connecting with Others

In her leadership roles, Amy emphasized the importance of building trust and connecting with others. She believes in breaking down silos and fostering collaboration to achieve common goals. Amy’s approach to leadership and adversity highlights the significance of empathy and the power of community in overcoming challenges.

Reflecting on Adversity and Moving Forward

Reflecting on her journey, Amy shares how adversity has refined her character and strengthened her resolve. She now focuses on creating positive impacts in the education sector, working with a network of schools to equip children with the skills they need to succeed. Her story is a testament to the redemptive power of overcoming adversity and finding new purpose in life.


To conclude, Amy Brown’s story of navigating professional adversity offers valuable lessons on resilience, integrity, and the importance of community. If you or someone you know has faced similar challenges, this episode provides inspiration and practical advice for moving forward.

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