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Always Be Connecting Podcast
22nd January 2024

Building effective partnerships with Phil Hayes-St Clair

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The Synopsis

In the latest episode of Always Be Connecting Podcast, listeners get a look into the role of partnerships in fostering business growth and innovation. Phil Hayes-St Clair, the founder of PHILHSC and a seasoned entrepreneur, shares valuable lessons from his extensive experience, emphasising strategic partnerships’ transformative impact.

The Power of Partnerships

Phil’s entrepreneurial journey spans healthcare, e-commerce, and aerospace, where he discovered that the cornerstone of success in each venture was effective partnerships. He elaborates on how these collaborations provided essential resources, skills, and opportunities that a single entity might not access.

Formative Influences

Reflecting on his time with the Army Cadets, Phil credits this period for instilling values of brotherhood, teamwork, and leadership. These principles later became the foundation of his business approach, demonstrating how early experiences can significantly shape one’s professional outlook.

Building Successful Partnerships

Phil discusses the practicalities of forming fruitful business partnerships:

  • Humanizing Business Relations: Advocating for vulnerability and open conversations to find common ground before any competitive tension arises.
  • Overcoming Fears: Addressing common apprehensions about loss of control or failure, Phil argues that well-executed partnerships can act as a force multiplier, enhancing each party’s strengths.

Concluding Advice

Finally, Phil’s parting advice for entrepreneurs and business leaders is to wholeheartedly embrace partnerships. He urges them to look beyond their organisational confines and tap into the immense potential of collaborative efforts. This mindset, according to Phil, is crucial for thriving in today’s dynamic business environment.


In conclusion, Phil Hayes-St Clair’s episode is a rich blend of personal anecdotes, practical advice, and insightful reflections, offering invaluable guidance for anyone interested in enhancing business growth. His experiences underscore the notion that collaboration often leads to genuine innovation and success in the business realm.

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