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Build a Community with Event Videography Services in Sydney

Capturing your event is an important part of building a community; Sharing emotions, energy and key moments.  We are passionate about helping businesses and organisations preserve the essence of their conferences, launches, awards and more.

We are able to produce event coverage from hypes reel, watch on demand videos and a range of supporting services tailored to your specific needs.  Let us turn your event into a lasting memory and a key date in the diary.

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Event Videography Services from Storytellers Australia

Event Marketing

We offer additional event services including marketing and event sign-ups.

Event Coverage

Our discreet and friendly team capture every detail from speeches to reactions to perfectly document your event.

Multi Camera Set-ups

We capture multiple angles and perspectives for a richer viewer experience, especially for panel discussions.

Vox Pops & Interviews

Gain valuable insights and stories from your event with well planned customer vox pops and interviews

Drone Videography

Showcase the scale of your event with additional aerial views and unique vantage points.

Post Production

Use every part of the buffalo by creating shareable snippets, evergreen content and other tailored formats.

Share the Energy of Your Event, then Relive the Experience

For any B2B service providers in Sydney, events are powerful tools for forging connections, solidifying your brand identity, and driving growth. Whether you’re hosting an insightful panel discussion, celebrating a major launch, or recognising achievements at an awards ceremony, capturing the energy and essence of the event goes beyond mere documentation. It provides an arsenal of evergreen content, annual promotion, customer feedback and innovative idea sharing. Here’s how professional event videography in Sydney empowers businesses like yours:

Industry Thought Leadership: Share insightful presentations, keynote speeches, and panel discussions with a wider audience, establishing your brand as a trusted thought leader in your industry.

Community Building: Engage attendees beyond the event. Showcase engaging interviews, panel interactions, and behind-the-scenes glimpses to strengthen bonds and foster community spirit.

Event Promotion: Leverage captivating highlight reels and social media snippets to generate pre-event buzz and attract future participants.

Evergreen Content: Repurpose event footage into blog posts, educational videos, and marketing materials, extending the reach and impact of your event indefinitely.

Capture Key Moments: Preserve valuable presentations, interviews, and award ceremonies for internal training, future references, and historical archives.

Our professional videographers in Sydney don’t just capture footage; they weave engaging narratives. We work closely with you to understand your event’s goals and brand personality, ensuring the final video resonates with your target audience and delivers maximum impact.

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Event Coverage Insights


What is your turnaround time for editing and delivering the final video/videos?

This would vary by event size and number of final videos required.  We can work with you to establish priorities and stagger deliverables.  Often there are large amounts of data recorded at events so using the same business to capture and edit media does help with time management.

How do you handle audio recording and ensure clear sound quality?

We use professional microphones and recording equipment to get the best sound possible.  As events are sometimes held in large auditoriums with the tendency for echo, we combat this with a sound technician able to cleanly record and improve sound quality in post production.

Do you offer different packages with varying levels of coverage and production value?

Yes we have covered everything from small classroom settings to 3 day expos, as well as open days, special events and evening awards shows.  This give us the agility to cater to your event with personalised packages with the right level of professional technicians.

How many videographers will be present at my event, and what equipment will they use?

This will depend on the size of your event and your budget.  Book a free consultation to determine your requirements and get some advice on ways to maximise the output from your investment.

Do you offer additional services like live streaming, drone shots or social media content creation?

Absolutely.  We have an in-house team of marketers, producers, technicians and designers, as well as partnerships with specialised and interstate service providers.

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